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Equipment Required for Playing Soccer

The required equipment for playing soccer is specified in the Laws of the Game which is created by the association of soccer.

To play soccer you only need to have approved shin guards and a pair of soccer shoes. Equipment for soccer is generally cheap, which makes it affordable for anyone to buy.

If you play soccer often you may want to invest in some quality soccer shoes, but I want you to remember that the shoes will not increase your soccer skills.

Keep in mind that Diego Maradona (one of the greatest players of all time) didn’t have any soccer shoes until he turned 16 years old. The basic equipment needed for soccer is the following:


This is probably the most important part of the equipment for soccer. With quality cleats you will be able to perform better, but as I said before, even the most expensive shoes will not transform you into a star player.

It’s very important to try your shoes on before buying them. Most soccer shoes need to sit tight as they will stretch due to moisture. You also need to determine if the shoe model is made for your feet (thin vs. wide).


There are many different styles and sizes, please ask if there is an option to try on before purchasing.


Usually this is the most cheap part of equipment needed for soccer and I recommend you to have at least 2-3 pair.

UNIFORMS will be provided by MHYSL for Recreational Soccer teams